The rhythm of Burundi is a truly powerful and mesmerizing experience.

During the monarchy era in Mid-20th century, the King of Burundi held the privilege of owning the drums and commissioning them under exceptional circumstances, such as coronations and funerals.

Formerly, Batimbo was a name given to the families who had the honor of being the guardians of the sacred tradition of the drums. In fact, they were the only ones who could make, keep, and beat them for the king.

The tradition of Batimbo has been passed down from generation to generation, even as it gradually loses its ritual symbolism. Today, it has become more of an art, reserved for important performances and distinguished guests.

We have come to identify our Portland-based team of Burundi drummers as

BATIMBO UNITED: The Heartbeat of Maine.

Our ritual dance is unique and represents Burundi culture in Maine and throughout America.